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ReBalance Health
Weight loss

Explore if this program is right for you!


No fad diets, just game changing tools that work.

  • Lose fat, not muscle

  • Increase energy

  • Sleep better

  • Calm the Food Noise

  • Heal metabolism

  • 1:1 doctor support

  • Stop the rebound cycle

  • No Insurance needed

  • No hidden fees

Medication delivered to your door-- no insurance needed.

Harness non-invasive GLP-1 drugs like Semaglutide, Ozempic and WeGovy shipped directly to your home.


Balance your metabolic hormones.

Reset your metabolic health with science backed diet and lifestyle changes.


Smart Supplement Support

Get access to professional lines of supplements to support fat loss, better sleep and great energy.


Reset your relationship with food.

Be in charge of your relationship with food. Heal your gut and break the overfed-undernourished-cycle.

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How Rebalance Health Works

Created with you in mind.

Step 1 – Apply for ReBalance Health Program

Step 2 - Discovery Call with Dr. Rachel

Step 3 - Join the Program

Step 4 – Intake Visit

Step 5 – Blood Draw

Step 6 – Follow-up visit to Review Labs

Step 7 - Receive Meds & Supplements

Step 8 – Weekly emails, worksheets, and videos

Step 9 – Monthly check-ins to build on your weight loss success

Running Outdoor

Semaglutide is the active pharmaceutical ingredient found in Ozempic®* and Wegovy®* that everyone is talking about, which helps people lose and maintain weight loss in combination with diet and exercise. Sterile compounded Semaglutide injections, shipped directly to you.


Your physician will evaluate the safety and appropriateness of Semaglutide based on medical history and overall health after the completion of initial telehealth consultation.

Book your Re-Balance Discovery Call to get started.

What is Compounded Semglutide?

Compounded Semaglutide is the active pharmaceutical ingredient found in Ozempic®* and Wegovy®*made for a specific patient. This medication is made in a state Board of Pharmacy or FDA licensed compounding facility per a prescription from a licensed healthcare professional. The ingredients used in compounded drugs are required to exclusively be sourced from FDA-licensed facilities, and proven/tested sterile compounds for potency, sterility, and purity.

While compounded drugs are made to order based on specific prescription orders from a medical professional. Because of that the dose, route of administration, and efficacy may differ from commercially available, brand-name, drugs. Compounded prescriptions prescribed as part of Re-Balance Health Weight Loss program are exclusively from Sterile Compounded Pharmacies.

*Disclaimer: The FDA-approved brand name drugs, such as Saxenda®, Victoza®, Wegovy®, and Ozempic® are exclusively available from the Novo Nordisk™ company. Mounjaro™ is exclusively available from Eli Lilly and Company™. Henry Meds™ does not claim any affiliation with, or endorsement from, the above mentioned products or entities. We do not offer any of the above mentioned products, anyone seeking said products should discuss options with their licensed healthcare provider or pharmacist.

Re-Balance Health Weight Loss (Rachel Winstedt, ND LLC) exclusively offers compounded medications, which are made in State Board of Pharmacy licensed sterile compounding pharmacies, or FDA-licensed 503(b) Outsourcing Facilities. While these facilities are strictly regulated, the compounded medications they make are not FDA-approved, as they are compounded based on an individual provider’s prescription for a specified patient. Strength, dose, route of administration, and other variables may make compounded medications different from FDA-approved drugs which makes directly comparing results & risk profile between FDA-approved drugs and compounded drugs difficult. Any compounded drugs prescribed are based on a licensed provider’s medical judgement based on a telehealth encounter and medical history.

The information provided on this website is for informational purposes and not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have questions or concerns about your health, please talk to your doctor. This site is an advertisement for services and not any specific medication.

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