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Fall into Detox!

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Happy Fall to All!

In honor of fall and all the Halloween candy I see on display everywhere I thought a fall detox blog would be helpful for myself and for all of you, my beautiful friends.

The Eight Most Common Reasons People Tell Me They are Detoxing…

  • Remove/reduce toxins we acquire from our food, water, air, and environment which overwhelm our natural detoxification systems.

  • Increase energy—it’s amazing what happens to our energy when we remove the things that are poisoning our mitochondria, the small structures in all our cells that make energy for us.

  • Balance our Microbiome—eliminating toxins from our body aids the trillions of bacteria in our gut that have critical functions in our body such as making vitamins, absorbing nutrients, making hormones, and functioning as part of our immune system.

  • Reduce gas and bloating & aid in achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight.

  • Improve Brain Fog! It is amazing how clearly; we can think once we remove toxic agents and increase hydration and eat clean nutrient dense foods.

  • Skin issues clear up. Skin is a detox organ and about as far from critical organs such as heart, liver, brain, etc…which is why when our detox system is overwhelmed, we put those toxins into the skin resulting in skin issues such as eczema.

  • Reduce inflammation in the body which is linked to a whole host of health issues including cardiovascular disease, seasonal allergy symptoms, autoimmune illnesses, and cancer.

  • Reset all eating habits and improve the quality and quantity of colorful antioxidant filled vitamin and mineral packed fruits and vegetables.

What does a Detox Look like for Dr. Rachel?

During a Detox I change what I eat. I eliminate sugar and the most common food allergens such as dairy, gluten, eggs, soy, peanuts, and tree nuts.

I love my coffee and choose to not remove it from my diet when I detox because the bitters in coffee are wonderful for bowel health, it is chalked full of antioxidants and aids the liver in its detox mechanisms. I do remove organic heavy cream from my coffee and all other dairy products. Additionally, I remove processed sugars including carbohydrates such as my homemade sourdough toast and limit my fruit to berries. I also take time to review the dirty dozen and clean 15 list that the Environmental Working Group puts out every year to make sure I am only buying organic versions of the 12 most sprayed crops.

Hydrate—so many of us walk around dehydrated. I try and up my water intake with lots of plane, clean water. My brain is happier and my skin glows from start to finish of the detox process.

I add in lots of vegetables, alternative grains such as quinoa and dark berries which are filled with antioxidants. Usually, I feel good after 3 days of fatigue and reconciling the question of what’s for dinner and what will my kids eat that I too can eat. After about a week I slowly add in one major food group every three days and see if my body is happy with the addition or if I need to slow down and remove that food group and try again later.

Some of the other tools I use and prescribe during a seasonal detox:

  • Caster oil packs over the liver

  • Contrast showers and skin brushing to move the lymphatics system.

  • Sweat! I love a good dry sauna to push toxins through my pores. If I can’t get to a sauna I will employ epsom salt baths to achieve a good sweaty detox.

  • Detox program with shakes and supplements to support binding up toxins for elimination.

After a few weeks of adding back in foods I find that I still feel lighter, my mind is clearer, my sleep a bit better and have better control over my after-dinner snacking impulses. Many friends and patients tell me that they feel similar when they follow a seasonal detox.

If you would like support around doing a seasonal detox to support your immune system, cognition, improve your sleep and recharge your energy, call the office at (206) 291-6543 or go online to schedule a visit at

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